Jealousy Enlightened – Shedding Light Into the Dark

Jealous? Come on, don’t be. Either you feel totally disgusted by it and wish you could just jump out of your own skin, or you feel you have a right to feel that way.

Either way jealousy is still a nasty emotion. A cocktail of anger, fear, insecurity, envy and some more unknown dark ingredients. Honestly, nothing we are generally proud of. It can rule the game. And when it comes hard on hard jealousy tends to win.

Is there a way out of jealousy? What is its deeper meaning and can we actually learn something from it, or even use it for our own evolution? In this podcast episode I invited Raffaello Manacorda as my guest. He is my personal expert when it comes to open relationships. That’s why I enjoy his wisdom and insight on this topic. So press play and listen, jealous monster ☺.

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5 Astonishing Things Ancient Sex Positive Civilizations Can Teach Us

The earth has been rollin’ for 4.54 billion years. Homo sapiens came around and procreated – big time. Then we evolved, and besides procreation we developed the desire to have sex without wanting to make babies. This by the way distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. Though there are a few Primates whose sexual behavior is mainly for self satisfaction. Anyways we have continued to evolve, because there is no way of stopping evolution and that desire has turned into the need for making love, and for emotional and spiritual connection.

Civilizations both large and small existed in the past that held sex positive views. In some instances sex positive practices were supported by tradition and even by law. In this post I want to look into the interesting cultural ideas that those civilizations have to offer.

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Your Libido is Your Own Oracle – Here is What it Tells You in Different Phases of Your Life.

Your libido is your own personal truthteller.

It tells you exactly how much in tune you are with your self, with your partner, and how excited you are about life in general.
It’s your driving, vital life source.

Jung and Freud, for instance, enlarged on the term “libido” to mean more than simply your sexual drive, so that it signified “how you reveal and give your gifts to the world”.

Today’s topic will be very pragmatic and helpful for everyone who feels dull on a daily basis. Maybe you know the feeling: you wake up, and even though you’ve had your 8 hours sleep, still you are out of juice. No motivation to get up, no energy to make a decent breakfast. There is something missing. You might not be aware of it, as this seems to be your normal status quo. Listen to this podcast and find out what you can learn from your most private truth-teller.

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Purpose, Baby: Use Your Sexual Energy And Make Awesomeness Happen

When I was a young girl I wanted to become a tightrope artist.

If there wasn’t a purpose in life, life would suck. Living your purpose, the reason why we are here on this earth, can be challenging though. It requires a lot of courage, energy and especially dedication to a cause you are passionate about to keep it alive. In this podcast I dive into a topic that has been life changing for me: How to use your sexual energy to live your dreams and make awesomeness happen.

I invited Anjali Ananda as my guest. She is a psychologist, holistic healer and mystical dance teacher who has just launched her business and has lots to say on this. Enjoy this slight business angle, but it’s still juicy of course!

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Delightful Group Sex – A Beginner’s Guide For Couples



They are not only a porn genre. They exist. There is a whole world out there which you might not know much about. The world of group sex and orgies. It might happen in your neighborhood. And it might be way cooler, sexier and classier that you could ever imagine.

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Give Anal Sex a Chance! Here’s How It’s Done Blissfully

What comes into your mind when you think about anal sex? Blissful or disgusted thoughts?! It’s still a huge taboo and in many countries even a moral sin. But: it’s bigger then ever, looking at numbers only. The bliss of anal sex is not about a quick and dirty porn fuck. It is about full deep raw connection, it’s the ultimate surrender diploma for the receiver and creates a very intense polarity between both lovers.

I invited Mangala Tantrika into my show, who is offering workshops dedicated to anal sex.

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Be the Sexy Revolution You Want to See in the World

What the heck is a Sexy Revolution? Is this the new nude women 60ies neowave with incense and mantras? Babe, we are in 2015!

In this podcast episode I am hosting the wonderful Layla Martin, a woman who has dedicated her life and passion to this new sexy revolution. She has the talent to transmit ancient Tantric and Taoistic knowledge in a contemporary and approachable way. She is sassy and deep. She has this spark that inspires other women to dive deeper, take the leap and be courageous enough to explore.

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Breaking out of the Routine: 4 Unexpected Ways of Initiating Sex

So we do know that sex is healthy and a great thing to do for improving your wellbeing. And it’s a tremendous form of human interaction. Let alone being fun and one of our deepest desires.

But how… how to kick it off? That’s not only a question virgins might ask. It’s also a question Mariah gets asked over and over again by her clients who are in a long term relationship or married. Admittedly, there’s a bit of a gap between the virgins and the 3-year-anniversarists, a group of people that does not ask that question too often. What can we learn from them?

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Go with the Flow ~
Use Your Menstrual Cycle for Unleashing Your Full Potential

Have you ever thought about using your menstrual cycle as a guideline to live up to your full potential? Women have approximately 450 menstrual cycles in their lifetime. Unfortunately, they often view their cycles as a burden, and in some cultures, menstruation is sometimes regarded as being some kind of a curse. But can we turn this around? Let’s start using our most obvious clock, “the menstrual cycle”, as a calendar that tells us exactly when we are naturally good at doing something.

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