Orgasmic Evolution

2014 – The Year of the Orgasmic Evolution


I am sure that most of you have a list of resolutions. Or at least something you have in mind that you want to change in 2014. Or maybe you want to change everything? However, most of us forget to include working on our sexual powers as a point on our resolution list.

Aren’t our sexual powers the source of all manifestations? In ancient traditions they are in agreement with this theory. So, if I have wealth on my resolution list, wouldn’t I want to use my sexual powers to accomplish this wish? Don’t take me literally, I don’t mean sleeping with your boss all year to grant a higher salary. Not my strategy. What I mean is harnessing sexual powers in such a way that wealth flows in abundance naturally.

My Resolution: Orgasmic Evolution

When I started working with my orgasm and looked into the deeper patterns of my sex life, I discovered a strength, a powerful source. This source is the reason why I am talking to you. Why you and me were born. It’s the source of life! And it’s right there in front of us, ready to be used.

And that’s why I am declaring this year as the year of the Orgasmic Evolution.

Let me show you why improving your orgasms should not only be on my resolution list and why it might fulfill most of your resolutions at once.

Orgasmic Evolution

What is the Orgasmic Evolution?

The Orgasmic Evolution is a path to connect with your sexual power. It involves the study and development of your orgasms. Yes, it’s possible to learn to orgasm and also intensify it.
Understand your orgasmic energy. Know how it flows. And own the power to channel it into your life.

Why is My Sexual Energy so Important?

I repeat, it’s the source of life. The very thing that keeps me and you going. We use it every day, a little drop of sexual energy here for walking, a higher dose of sexual energy for dancing and a full dose during climax. Used right, it helps us to do great things. Things we always wanted to do. Anything we ever accomplish (on our resolution list or not) is due to our powerful life force. So, here’s the deal, especially during orgasm we get a supercharged dose of sexual energy. That’s why orgasms are a gift and an opportunity. It’s easy to work with our sexual energy during climax, because it’s so strong and effective that we can channel it into any part of our life.

This force is flowing also right now, while you are reading and I am typing those lines, breaking through my own barriers and my fears, to present my proposal to you:

I am offering for women a free and private 30 minute Skype session, for the next 2 months only, just for YOU!

I will show you the door to your own orgasmic evolution. Help you reflect where you at and find unique exercises which will help you to connect yourself more and more with this source. Those exercises are easy to perform at home. Originating from the Tantric and Tao traditions. Helping you to finally own your orgasms.

Understand, Develop, Channel

Understand the power of your sexual force and know how to use it for greater good. It’s not just learning how to climax better during intercourse, or how to be a better lover, or how to become multi-orgasmic. It’s about YOU!
It’s about your life, your actions, your thought and your love life of course. Knowing how to use your sexual powers gives you the strength to transform your life into an abundant, positive and happy life. This is where the magic begins.

So let’s chat – simply hit the button below. I am very excited about having the opportunity to talk to you.

Book your FREE session now!.

Talk soon,
Mariah xx

Image by Kevin Dooley, Flickr.

Organic Dildos – What Healthy and Ecofriendly Masturbation Looks Like


I know what you are thinking. Is she now discussing which vegetables are best suited for our lovely vaginas? Not exactly.

What I wanted to put out there is some awareness-raising regarding dildos. When we make love to ourselves, we want to treat our vaginas the best way we can, right? Ever thought about the toxins which might be inside your pink Chinese-made dildo?

Which Toxins am I talking about?

The most common is Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates). It makes plastic soft and bendy. It’s so bad that it might damage sperm in men and lead to reproductive issues, according to a study published by the journal Environmental Health Perspective. And who knows what other side effects it might have?!

No Regulations? What the f**k!

Unfortunately governments don’t regulate sex toys – they do when it comes to children’s toys, but seem to have forgotten about regulating adult toys. So it’s all up to us, the consumer, to be better informed about the materials used, which type to buy and which not.


No more Kegel Exercises?


Since I wrote an article on Kegel Exercises and praised them to my readers, because they work for me very well, I’ve come across a couple of contradicting theories, maintaining that Kegel Exercises are “bad” for us and that we should stop doing them. I am a big fan of Kegels and most of the time I would recommend them, but it’s always good to look at the other side of the argument as well…maybe there is a point to it.



Hysterical Literature


A lovely woman is sitting at a table – she is being filmed in black and white. She looks excited and introduces herself. She has chosen what to wear and what book she’ll be reading.

Under the table she is equipped with a vibrator. An unseen assistant distracts her with some buzzes down there.

She is getting more and more distracted, starts breathing deeply and needs to take some breaks from reading her lines; her sexual energy is pressing the table up. She gets hotter and hotter and can’t focus anymore on the words she wanted to read; eventually she has an orgasm.

She pauses and restates her name and what she has just read.


Benefits of Lovemaking During the Daytime

Benefits of Lovemaking During the Daytime

Guestpost by Raffaello Manacorda

Why Shouldn’t we Leave Sex as the Last Thing to Do After a Busy, Tiring Day?

One of the unwelcome consequences of the accelerated lifestyle that so many of us lead, is that sexual activity is often squeezed into the relatively short time span between going to bed and falling asleep, exhausted. Even in books, movies and other cultural products there is a strong association between sexuality and night-time, and most sexual interactions, real or imaginary, take place during the hours of darkness. Like many other things related to sex, this has become a habit, and we rarely consciously choose  the time and place for our most erotic encounters. Nevertheless, switching at least part of our sexual life to the daylight can actually entail many interesting benefits.


Kegel Exercises for women

Kegel Exercises For Women


Kegel Exercises for women were introduced for the first time in 1948 by the great Arnold Kegel. He has probably saved lots of women from trouble ever since. Including me…

When I started working out my vaginal muscles, I noticed the change very quickly. Not only was my vagina tighter, I could feel more sensations during love making and my orgasms started to be incredibly intense.

Kegel Exercises are, in my humble opinion, a must do for almost every woman at any age, and for sure not only after pregnancy…


The Best Period Tracker App for Connecting With Your Magical Powers


Yes, you got me right. For a modern Goddess living in the urban Babylon jungle, a period tracker for connecting with the magical powers of your menstrual cycle could be very useful. We understand the cycles of our smartphone calendar and the circadian rhythms of our Farmville crops, so why not understanding our menstrual cycle with all its ups and downs and special moments?

Why Would a Period Tracker Uplift Our Lives?

  • Simply because we might be at the point in our life where we want to make a baby and for that we need to know when ovulation is due.
  • We might also want to be prepared and decide to cancel romantic dates we might have scheduled during this time.
  • To prepare our partner and close friends for some intense emotional menstrual days in case we show the fierce side of our feminine beast! ;-)
  • And the reason it would be especially uplifting in our lives is that it would help us understand what’s going on inside of the body.

Don’t you want to be an aware, conscious woman in this world, knowing what’s going on with your body, your mind and your soul? I certainly do. Ok, the period tracker won’t solve it all at once, but at least it brings awareness to one part of our lives – the period. A woman will spend approximately 3,500 days menstruating (Grahn, Judy. 1993. Blood, Bread, and Roses: How Menstruation Created the World).

Discovering my divine femininity

Discovering My Divine Femininity and Saving the World


Hi lovelies,
Today I want to share an article with you that I wrote for my favorite Yoga School, Agama Yoga.
This article tells you the whole naked story about how I literally stumbled into a “pinker way of living” and how I started to blossom in it once I accepted my nature. Click here to open my story “Discovering My Divine Femininity”.

The Dalai Lama said “the world will be saved by the Western woman”. I say, the world will be saved by the Western woman if she finally starts to connect to her feminine part and is willing to embody it.


Free eBook: 10 Steps for giving a Tantric Yoni Massage


I am super-excited to announce my free ebook “10 Steps for giving a Tantric Yoni Massage”.

It’s a practical short guide to how to give an effective and healing Vaginal Massage.

I believe that Yoni Massage is an amazing tool for unleashing feminine power. Not only can it heal sexual traumas and frigidity, and increase your sexual desires, but it can also develop your orgasmic pleasures rapidly. It’s for every couple who want to develop their sexuality.