The 8 Female Orgasms: #8 The Throat Orgasm

You’ve probably read my series on the 7 types of orgasm. I (blushingly) admit that I forgot one quite essential one. So I am adding this article to my series and it becomes the 8 Female Orgasms. I had only heard about this particular type of orgasm, but never took it seriously until I experienced it myself a few weeks back. Tada, the throat orgasm!

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Tantric Relationships

Have you ever wondered how to maintain the magic in a long term relationship? Tantra has a lot of useful and down-to-earth tricks that can help us to connect consciously with someone not only physically and mentally, but also energy-wise. In this podcast episode I discover, together with Hajnalka Wray, a Yoga and Tantra teacher from South Africa, how to live a relationship full of ecstasy instead of stagnation. And it’s all about the dance between Shiva and Shakti… (Please note: It’s getting juicy and esoteric already.)

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No drive? 4 unusual ways to increase your libido.

Friends, let’s talk about this libido thing (again). An undeniable important source within our lives and if we don’t take care of it, we often find ourselves in trouble (not only sexually). In this post I am opening the discourse of what libido actually is, and how to boost it up to the roof with a very unusual but effective method.

Libido is not just a thing that most sex coaches love to talk about. Depending on its vitality, your libido actually rules your life. It’s your sex drive, and you know what, your vital drive in life. There is no common ground as to what a healthy libido looks like, there is also no way to measure it in numbers. So let’s see what generally determines it then.

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Sex Without Orgasm

Welcome to this wonderful podcast episode, where I’ll be talking to you about a topic that might be familiar to everyone of you. But it’s not much talked about, rather the opposite, everyone wants to know how to have sex with orgasm. And of course I am not teaching you today how to have sex without orgasm, that would be too easy (at least for women). I’d rather like to open a discourse on the reasons why we have sex that doesn’t automatically come with an ecstatic bliss.
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The 5 Weirdest Sensations You Might Experience Before, During And After Orgasm

Have you ever wondered about the tiny tingly sensations you have during an orgasm? Or were you ever freaked out over certain sensations after lovemaking? So freaked out that you spammed all internet forums full, looking for reasons? Or are you a tantric sex practitioner and have experienced it all?!

At least I did. Here you go, I looked for you into the fascinating world of the weirdest sensations to be experienced before, during & after sex.

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Jade Egg – A Power Tool For Pussy Mastery

Today, we’ll talk about a true powertool for pussy mastery (because we all want to strengthen our power house, don’t we?!) – so let’s have a look at the Jade egg. It has changed other lives. It changed my life.  Honestly! And I believe all women should have access to this knowledge.

A practice that comes from ancient China, that was for a long time hidden from normal folks like us and only meant for royal families, queens and conqueresses.

Today, on this show I have with me Sofia Sundari, blogger on and Tantra teacher. She teaches women around the world how to practice with the Jade Egg. That’s why I asked her to join me in this discourse because she is a true expert in this field, and is sure to have a story or two and some practical tips to give us.

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The 8 Female Orgasms:
#7 The Mind Orgasm

Mindgasm? Thinking yourself to the Big O?

Oh yes, yes, yes.

There is a way to bring yourself to a power house orgasm while sitting absolutely still, without movement, physical stimuli, or any friction whatsoever. Many women have experienced mindgasms while meditating, sitting still in a yoga posture or with a technique similar to self-hypnosis.

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Sexual Feng Shui

Now let’s get right to the topic of my new podcast episode today: Sexual Feng Shui. You might already guess where this is going. But I am pretty sure you haven’t considered some things I am going to share with you.

Feng Shui an ancient Chinese metaphysic philosophy to harmonize everyone with the surrounding environment. Its guidelines take into account compass, directions, colors, natural elements like wood, minerals, fire, water, and earth.

But what’s most interesting for us here is the Feng Shui in our bed room. If there is hardly anything happening in your marriage or partnership sexually, you might consider to give your bed room an energetic cleansing. At least that’s what the Feng Shui experts claim. Lillian Too, who has written 16 books on Feng Shui says, ‘The structures around you also emanate energy and if these structures are placed in a harmonious fashion based on feng shui guidelines, you can attract good energy, and therefore you can attract good fortune and good luck.’

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The 8 Female Orgasms:
#5 The Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasm?! Omg, is this even possible? I know it’s a bit of a delicate topic for some of you, but definitely worth looking into, I promise!

The Christian influence on Western society has left some nasty effects on how we view sex today. Especially as anal sex was a dangerous sin in the past and it has remained  hush-hush till today. In many traditions it’s still a no-go. Although the anus has been a part of our sexual instinct since humankind has existed.

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