The 7 Female Orgasms:
#7 The Mind Orgasm

Mindgasm? Thinking yourself to the Big O?

Oh yes, yes, yes.

There is a way to bring yourself to a power house orgasm while sitting absolutely still, without movement, physical stimuli, or any friction whatsoever. Many women have experienced mindgasms while meditating, sitting still in a yoga posture or with a technique similar to self-hypnosis.

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Sexual Feng Shui

Now let’s get right to the topic of my new podcast episode today: Sexual Feng Shui. You might already guess where this is going. But I am pretty sure you haven’t considered some things I am going to share with you.

Feng Shui an ancient Chinese metaphysic philosophy to harmonize everyone with the surrounding environment. Its guidelines take into account compass, directions, colors, natural elements like wood, minerals, fire, water, and earth.

But what’s most interesting for us here is the Feng Shui in our bed room. If there is hardly anything happening in your marriage or partnership sexually, you might consider to give your bed room an energetic cleansing. At least that’s what the Feng Shui experts claim. Lillian Too, who has written 16 books on Feng Shui says, ‘The structures around you also emanate energy and if these structures are placed in a harmonious fashion based on feng shui guidelines, you can attract good energy, and therefore you can attract good fortune and good luck.’

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The 7 Female Orgasms:
#5 The Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasm?! Omg, is this even possible? I know it’s a bit of a delicate topic for some of you, but definitely worth looking into, I promise!

The Christian influence on Western society has left some nasty effects on how we view sex today. Especially as anal sex was a dangerous sin in the past and it has remained  hush-hush till today. In many traditions it’s still a no-go. Although the anus has been a part of our sexual instinct since humankind has existed.

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The New Rules of Sex with Lauren Brim

Lauren Brim is one of those women who manifest their passions and change the world by their actions. She is not just a sex coach – she is a spiritual coach, drawing her knowledge from her dance career, her background in the healing arts, and various other fields.

She just birthed her new book “The New Rules of Sex” (Note: she is a midwife, too).  Outlining a new picture of sex in the 21th century.  The book “is an examination of the Western cultural beliefs that shape how we judge ourselves and others in regards to sexual behavior”. This book is definitely on my reading list!

In this podcast Lauren and I have a look at exactly this aspect – why we try to fit into a model of sex which we are taught instead of what is true for us. Read more

Open Relationships with Raffaello Manacorda

Open Relationships with Raffaello Manacorda

In my 5th podcast episode I dive into a highly controversial topic with Raffaello Manacorda of Fragments of Evolution: Open Relationships.

Obviously there is a paradigm shift happening in relationships. It’s quite interesting to note that in the US alone, 44% of the population are no longer resonating with the classic model of dating, marrying, getting kids, having sex within the context of a monogamous relationship.

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Conscious Masturbation

In this podcast I am talking about a very private topic: masturbation. But not the usual, quick-finishing-off-masturbation, I am talking here about conscious masturbation. This is something I found out about during my years of studying Tantra and Tao. When I started becoming more and more aware of my sexuality, I became aware of the power of self-pleasuring. It’s the nourishing magic of self-love which is very healing to our body and soul.

Attention: This is for everyone who masturbates and for everyone who doesn’t, because there is lots we can learn from ourselves and understand, to discover what we truly desire. (Spoiler: No goal involved!)
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UNDRESS ME by Tatia Pilieva

In 1957, William Masters and Virginia Johnson began asking men and women to undress for science. Film maker Tatia Pilieva returns with “UNDRESS ME”, a short film where she invites a group of strangers to undress each other before hopping into a bed.

The short film is a promotion video for the TV series Masters of Sex (which I highly recommend you to watch). The series launched their second season, which I am so excited about. Aren’t we all little sex scientists?

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