8 Ingredients for a Spicy Long-Term Relationship

People often ask me: How do you keep your relationship spicy?

For the background information: I literally spend almost every second of my life with my boyfriend (with whom I’ve been having a happy relationship for more than 7 years, (very soon to be 8) and still, we manage to keep our attraction towards each other up. Let’s talk about what we do to keep the secret juices in our long-term relationship flowing.

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Painful Sex: 6 Simple Tips That’ll Turn Your Pain Into Pleasure

You or your lover experiencing painful sex? The oooh, oooh—ouch! is familiar when it comes to the intimate parts in your life? First of all: Don’t worry, you are not abnormal:

According to the 2009 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, 30% of women reported pain during their last sexual encounter.

Having experienced pain during sex myself, I did my own research behind the curtain of pain, and discovered a great potential. A potential that will blow your mind. And one that’s just screaming to be shared with you all.

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7 Tantric Sex Hacks for Lasting Longer in Bed

Guest Post by Noel White.

When looking at modern sex life, one could assume there’s some sort of incompatibility between men and women.

Just looking at the time that it takes to orgasm: Men on average arrive at their climax after around 5 minutes, while women need 15-40 minutes.

The statistics arising from various studies, of course, vary for both. But it is safe to say that we’re looking at 25+ minutes for women to reach deep states of orgasm. Men, on the contrary, are ready almost instantly.

The societal accepted workaround is foreplay. But wouldn’t it be nice to be able to match the male and female pleasure curves a bit better?

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Yoni Massage Course Is Born

Wohoo, I am so excited and delighted to share this with you: My new Yoni Massage online course is out. Feels sooo good to finally give birth to this baby since it has been on my mind for a pretty long time and so many of you asked for it. I believe the Yoni Massage course will be a game changer for you, your lover and your life; in a second I’ll tell you why.

First of all say hello to Yoni Massage, the first online course of its kind:

Check out the course

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Sex, Yoga & Depression: A Personal Story of Bringing Back the Juice

Guestpost by Deniz Aydoslu

From a young age, I felt a deep unhappiness for being born into this world. A deep feeling of not-belonging. This planet seemed utterly foreign to me. All the things that my peers were preoccupied with – and most of humanity for that matter – seemed painfully futile, insignificant, and empty to me. Life left me feeling like I had a hole in my heart.

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Get Fertile Stay Fertile With Orgasms & Consciousness

Does having an orgasm affect your chances of conception? Interesting question. Linking fertility and orgasm is scientifically controversial. There is no one definitive answer. Obviously you can get pregnant without female orgasm. The better question is: Could female orgasm improve the chances of conception?

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