Yoni Massage Course Is Born

Wohoo, I am so excited and delighted to share this with you: My new Yoni Massage online course is out. Feels sooo good to finally give birth to this baby since it has been on my mind for a pretty long time and so many of you asked for it. I believe the Yoni Massage course will be a game changer for you, your lover and your life; in a second I’ll tell you why.

First of all say hello to Yoni Massage, the first online course of its kind:

Check out the course

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Sex, Yoga & Depression: A Personal Story of Bringing Back the Juice

Guestpost by Deniz Aydoslu

From a young age, I felt a deep unhappiness for being born into this world. A deep feeling of not-belonging. This planet seemed utterly foreign to me. All the things that my peers were preoccupied with – and most of humanity for that matter – seemed painfully futile, insignificant, and empty to me. Life left me feeling like I had a hole in my heart.

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Get Fertile Stay Fertile With Orgasms & Consciousness

Does having an orgasm affect your chances of conception? Interesting question. Linking fertility and orgasm is scientifically controversial. There is no one definitive answer. Obviously you can get pregnant without female orgasm. The better question is: Could female orgasm improve the chances of conception?

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10 Crazy Ways Your Sex Drive
(Low & High) Influences Your Life

Your sex drive is your own personal truth teller.

It tells you exactly where you’re at – physically, emotionally, energetically, mentally and yes, even spiritually. It’s not just the itch that makes you wanna jump into bed with your lover, it’s also the urge for living, the source of your vitality in life in general. Obviously there is no objective way to measure your drive, but we typically decide for ourselves whether our vitality is low or high.

Around 30% of women between the age of 18-44 feel that they struggle with their sex drive and the older they get, the higher this percentage gets.

Let’s have a look at how your sex drive (low & high) influences your life.

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Cock Love or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Cock

Oh my, I am excited to share this one with you!

Me and Selina from TurnON Munich are being brave and radically honest in this podcast:

We are cock lovers!

And we want you to hear it all. Yes, it can be scary to shout it out loud. But hey, if it’s true, it’s true. And there is nothing to be ashamed about. This podcast is about intimate truths and about how to overcome penis anxiety and shame to freely express your yummy fascination with dicks.

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Jealousy Enlightened – Shedding Light Into the Dark

Jealous? Come on, don’t be. Either you feel totally disgusted by it and wish you could just jump out of your own skin, or you feel you have a right to feel that way.

Either way jealousy is still a nasty emotion. A cocktail of anger, fear, insecurity, envy and some more unknown dark ingredients. Honestly, nothing we are generally proud of. It can rule the game. And when it comes hard on hard jealousy tends to win.

Is there a way out of jealousy? What is its deeper meaning and can we actually learn something from it, or even use it for our own evolution? In this podcast episode I invited Raffaello Manacorda as my guest. He is my personal expert when it comes to open relationships. That’s why I enjoy his wisdom and insight on this topic. So press play and listen, jealous monster ☺.

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5 Astonishing Things Ancient Sex Positive Civilizations Can Teach Us

The earth has been rollin’ for 4.54 billion years. Homo sapiens came around and procreated – big time. Then we evolved, and besides procreation we developed the desire to have sex without wanting to make babies. This by the way distinguishes us from the animal kingdom. Though there are a few Primates whose sexual behavior is mainly for self satisfaction. Anyways we have continued to evolve, because there is no way of stopping evolution and that desire has turned into the need for making love, and for emotional and spiritual connection.

Civilizations both large and small existed in the past that held sex positive views. In some instances sex positive practices were supported by tradition and even by law. In this post I want to look into the interesting cultural ideas that those civilizations have to offer.

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Your Libido is Your Own Oracle – Here is What it Tells You in Different Phases of Your Life.

Your libido is your own personal truthteller.

It tells you exactly how much in tune you are with your self, with your partner, and how excited you are about life in general.
It’s your driving, vital life source.

Jung and Freud, for instance, enlarged on the term “libido” to mean more than simply your sexual drive, so that it signified “how you reveal and give your gifts to the world”.

Today’s topic will be very pragmatic and helpful for everyone who feels dull on a daily basis. Maybe you know the feeling: you wake up, and even though you’ve had your 8 hours sleep, still you are out of juice. No motivation to get up, no energy to make a decent breakfast. There is something missing. You might not be aware of it, as this seems to be your normal status quo. Listen to this podcast and find out what you can learn from your most private truth-teller.

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