The 7 Female Orgasms:
#3 The G-spot orgasm


Woohoo, I am so excited about talking about this one. The G-spot orgasm – another of Earth’s mysteries (at least for most people). The G-spot is co-responsible for female orgasms, leading to female ejaculation aka “squirting”.

Say: Open sesame! Navigate, and explore the fountain of youth! It needs the Indiana Jones kind of approach. If you don’t have a compass on you, listen to the proud G-spot owner carefully. Or ask for a map.

Luckily, it’s often not as magic as it sounds, once you get the hang of it. And it’s for sure worth it to dive into the splashy waterfun of this pleasure zone, I promise.


Intimate Power with Eyal


Honestly, this guy is a unique character. Eyal Matsliah – living his dream and watching the boats and seagulls on the Costa Brava from his apartment while we get into some juicy talking for my new podcast episode. Eyal turned away from the corporate world to embrace meditation retreats and intense tantric yoga practice, back to the world.

His unstoppable mission, to empower the world with tantric sex, is undeniable genius!

In this show we discuss some real fundamentals of why sex is the power tool.

Attention: We talk about chakras and energies here.


How to deal with different sexual libido levels in a relationship?


You are always horny? Could do it all the time? But your partner needs lots of motivation to take off their clothes. You almost need to drag him/her out of their sexual laziness. If you didn’t always make the first step, no one would, for weeks on end. And they hardly notice any difference. Yes, all signs point to the fact that your partner has a low libido and you are running round with a hard penis or clit 24/7 trying to find a way to release.


Mystical Femininity with Sofia Borisenko

Mystical Femininity with Sofia Sundari


So here it comes, my second podcast episode! A special one, on one of my most favorite topics (after orgasms): Femininity.

In this show I am interviewing Sofia Sundari, a very inspiring soul. She teaches bellydancing and tantra, and offers women’s workshops on femininity. Where you not only sit in circles and talk about emotions but move your sexy hips, enter the mystical temple of dance, play with Jade eggs and especially connect as sisters.

This is something I am so excited about sharing with you. I would love for you to listen to Sofia, what she has to say, because she is one of those special women inspiring other women to join the path of women’s empowerment and spiritual growth.


The 7 Female Orgasms: #2 The secret mysteries of the pussy’s entrance


Once upon a time we discussed the famous popstar of all orgasms – the clitoral orgasm. Today I want to point out an orgasm which is not very popular (but wait, most definitely important to mention) – the vaginal entrance orgasm.

When the hymen gets penetrated for the first time (note: not everyone has a hymen), pain and blood can appear. Ta da, our virginity is taken! Many young women have this pain for a longer period of time until the hymen fully disappears and stretches out. Then the vaginal entrance has grown into adolescence. From this fear of being penetrated (that young women have) we acquire the desire to be penetrated. I see it like a bud turning into a blossoming flower, wanting the bee to be attracted (I know it’s a boring example).


Clitoral Discourses with TurnON Munich


Yay! With this post I am officially launching my first Orgasmic Discourses Podcast. I am super excited about getting started and taking OD to a next level!

In this first episode I am interviewing Elisa Klüver and Selina Jung, where we discuss Orgasmic Meditation (OM). A practice spreading from the OneTaste community. Where, you won’t believe it, you simply stroke your partner’s clitoris. As simple as that, but as Elisa and Selina claim, highly effective in making you feel more orgasmic (in all parts of life).

We all know about the powers of the clitoris and its sensitivity (if you haven’t read my clitoral orgasm post, do so now). But what happens if somebody strokes the clitoris very, very gently in a constant rhythm for 15 minutes …



The 7 Female Orgasms: #1 Clitoral Orgasm – The Popstar


Today I am starting with a series I wanted to write much sooner. Because I believe that orgasm research is still tapping more or less in the dark. I used to be very black and white on this. Either I came or I didn’t. But what came in me? Where did it come from? What exactly was the sensation? What sensation made me come? In the following series of articles, I tap into the mysteries of the Big O and discuss with you the different types of orgasms.

Gentleman, make sure you don’t make the following 5 masturbation mistakes. Let’s increase sensitivity and prevent the “death grip”.


Mariah gets asked a lot of things via email on a daily basis. And she replies to all of you, which I think is outstanding. Please remember to say “thanks” :)

She approached me asking if I could write a bit of a more extensive answer to the issue of “death grip” – which is coming up again and again. Here’s my experience from a man’s perspective:


Fuck your Vibrator


Fuck your Vibrator! No, don’t fuck it. I mean give it up. Stop using it.

Simply give it the middle finger, you don’t need it anymore.

I know, your little pink rabbit is cute and it’s buzzing in such a fun way down there. It’s vibrating so nicely that anything else feels pretty boring and lame. That’s why it’s hard to give it up. It feels so damn good.

But I say, throw it out the window, far, far away. I just did that.